Who do you think has waited this long,

The night sky, for the morning, to open the eyes, for the first ray to wipe away the dark, the fear, the gloom,

That long day, hot and burning, bathing in the sweat, praying for the sun to close its eyes, and bid a cold good night,

The child, to grow up to be a man, from the days of innocence, and dependence, to that of arrogance, and helplessness,

The winter, for the summer, and the summer, for the winter, all in a cycle, all happening eventually, like clockwork,

The bird, flying south, to return back to where it came from, an escape from the harsh, a journey to the green and the lively, yet a separation, yet a pain,

A lover, for the embrace, from her beloved, the days and nights, that she lived through, the times when life had no meaning, and in the end just one moment justifying her whole existence,

Yes, I have waited this long,

for the frown in your eyes to turn into a smile,
for the silence in your voice, to turn into a question in your eyes,
for your little hand to stop shaking, and hold the flower I brought from afar…

Yes, I have waited this long, and I am ready to wait forever…