When we met after ages

And the flowers have dried long time back, the smell gone away, still etched in my memory, the petals are hiding in some book among many, the color of it faded maybe, which I don’t remember,

And then when I saw you last night, after ages it seems, out of the blue, time acted funny, it turned back the clock for sure, the same flower just came back to life, any blossom never seemed any prettier than this,

Did you hear me say hello, did you smile back at me…

The believer

You call it the breeze, I call it the smell, blows in from nowhere, leaves a trace, does it, or does it not,

You say life has a meaning, I say life has a pause, a meaningful one, and then the bubble we keep hiding behind,

You are so true, yet so harsh,

And yet this is not the end, for in the end, you are no different, a hope, a puff, an occasional roar and a dying whimper,

You are so true, and I am a believer…

The day after the rain

The darkness of the sky and the silence between our conversation, not sure what we were waiting for, the first drop of the rain maybe, or the thunder, the wind had stopped blowing anyway, we were left alone to our destinies, the laughter from far away, broke the silence, we woke up to life, a smile and goodbye, the rain washed the earth that night, no one could blame our tears, the morning rose as pretty as ever, hopeful and bright, and we did not realize that the fall of the night starts with the rise of the day, like fools we rode into the day, alone and without care…

Your day

What brings me here today, face to face with you, when you are about to call it a day, wait a moment dear, please, how was your day, the flow of life stops at nothing, but what about your flow of love, what did you touch today, my dear, what did you break today, while on your march, what was the shine on your face , was it the pride or the tears, what will you wake up with tomorrow, your fears or your regrets, what have you loved and what have you let go, my dear, I don't want to know, not anymore…