Long ago

Long ago it was, long ago two souls had met, long ago they set the sail, and long ago they said good bye,

What story you want to write tonight, long ago we had written it on the sand, with you by my side…


I wonder

What do you wait for, what do you run to, who will pick you up, whom can you save tonight, a long pause, or the right word, the lost smile, or the gentle touch, what will you bring for me, will you be waiting at all,

A day in passing, will you let it go, or will you be holding it for me,

I keep wondering…


Cold as the heart, predictable as yesterday, the laughter that is just an echo, the smile is just a smile away, the pattern settles in, we think we understand, in denial, without exuberance, without a disaccord,

Life is just a question, and we don’t answer anyway…

The song

The song of the wind, echoes through the voice of the birds, the leaves caressing each other, the whisper of your voice just a distant rumbling, as this young man chooses to embrace the clouds, and the dark sky, and you decline to shower on me, like a rain that soothes the body and the soul, and you and me fold our hands that had been stretched in asking, in begging, now in shame,

And the song keeps playing as we melt our heart and stretch our hand one more time

Towards futility, towards each other …