The connection

The river that dries in the middle of the summer, have never flown through your heart, my dear, and the ice that melts in the receding winter, has fed that river till the summer takes its bow, and all awhile the cloud keeps forming, of gloom and despair, of love and rejection, and I know, my dear, the cloud will burst out in laugh tonight, pouring what joins the dry with the wet, the cloud will bring you to life, my dear, as you keep thinking love is dead, love is no more…


The motivation

Oh the rains, the rains, and the vapor that moistens the eyes, and the pain, the pain that has softened this soul, like a flash from the thunder, like a flowing river gone wild, oh the tears that you don’t see, and the love that can’t breathe in, there is too much to lose, there is nothing to gain,

Oh the fire and the heat, I leave you behind as I embrace the cold,

Oh the trickle that is life, oh the grand that leads us on…


Hell’s fury and the pardon of heaven,

Life was once a question, life is now a statement,

No one answered what I asked,

And I dared to line them up and mark them as I saw fit,

Life is fleeting, I am sure the marks will be washed away with time,

And there will come someone, asking questions like it has not been asked before.

Life is just a breath, hoping for the next…


স্বপ্নের চার দেওয়ালের মধ্যেও ঘুম আসেনি কাল রাতে,
তোমার সাথে দেখা হোলো , কথা হোলো,
স্বপ্ন কিন্তু এখনো ভাঙেনি এই সকালে,

স্বপ্নের প্রদীপ জ্বালিয়ে এগিয়ে চলেছি, আজ পথ হারিয়ে কোথায় যাই কে জানে…

True love

For it is beyond what you can see, or perceive, or even dream, that love has to tread, for in that grassland grows the sweetest of all that can be produced by human heart, and when that has been reached, you walk past that, you walk further away, for love, true love, can never find a perfect match…