The winds of change

The winds of change do not blow into your face, it blows past you, from behind, and if you can follow it through, with faith, belief, and hope, you get to see the veil uplifted, by the wind, and usher in the promise, all while you embrace the new and pay respect to the old,

I can feel the winds of change blowing past me, the journey has begun, will you come with me…

The opposites

What brings the opposites close together, what brings the day to embrace the night, what brings the dying to live, what brings you to me, just one thing I guess, the desire to live and breathe, and stroke the hands of the dying in the hope of causing a miracle,

What makes the love to not die tonight, my dear, is it just you and me, just that, only suffering,

still denying love…

The story

Will you pass on that story please, that you have been reading, seated in that corner, alone, and playing with the plot, I could very well sense that, seated at the other end of the room, playing with the plot and manipulating it, with your own thoughts and experiences and dreams, the story is no longer the same as what you started to read, this is your story now, colored by the hue of the original narrator, will you pass on that story please, now that you have no more to give, now that you are ready to leave, now that it does not interest you any more,

And now that I know this secret of yours, seated across this big room, watching you all this time, do not pretend you did not know, please,

Now, may I join you, may I further shape the story, will you sit down and watch it awhile, like I have watched you write…

As a Lover

… Or you could fly high and soar the sky,

Before the sky turns dark, the storms roar in, the cold wet arrows pierce the earth, before the earth has started to bleed, and the strongest men have taken shelter,

Or you could lie down, kiss the earth and brave the arrows,

Not as a martyr, but as a lover…

কিছু কথা হারিয়ে যায়

কিছু কথা হারিয়ে যায়,

কিছু গন্ধ, কিছু ছোঁয়া, কিছু এক সাথে চলা,
দিনের শেষে, সুখ দুঃখ খুলে বলা,
আবার নতুন দিনে, চলতে শেখা,
কিছু লোক শুধু কিছুদিনের হয়,

কিছু কথা খালি মনে পরে যায়…