Passing wind

The passing wind doesn’t leave a memory behind, it carries with it the memories that were long left behind,

And I try in vain, to embrace that wind,

The passing wind, has no care, it flows past me,

Same as on that day long time back, when you didn’t know me…


Love (Again)

Love is a selfish desire to burn yourself,

I love not,

And you happened to touch the fire that burns me,


I love not…

And when you have no excuse to turn away, come to me,

Be assured,

I would love not…

And as free as you can be, you rejoice,

I will still

Love you not…

The Birth

The bell was hardly audible, from a distance,
As he wandered along, through the rights and the wrongs,
The real and the unreal,
But the mind was pure and it was ready,
As he knelt down to pray, he could hear the voices,
Whispers, but clear, the feelings, the sufferings, but hope,
And then the silence, as the bell kept ringing, loud and incessant,
That was the moment, he felt the joy, the bliss,
As he realized he just got born, again,
And he became free…

Two Drops

A drop of mist bathed me and went by, leaving me wondering, leaving me in the deeps, the ocean, the river, the feelings,
And another drop touched your lips, carelessly, under the sun, under the gaze of the moon,

Not sure where the drops came from, the sky was clear and no rain in sight,

I paused for a while, not sure of where the drops came from, and then I moved along, dry, and without the mist, without the drops,

Alone, and not crying,

believe me,

without remorse…