I wonder

Is it trembling out of fear, or is it the excitement out of anticipation,
Is love just budding, or have the fragrance already filled the air…


The line

You have drawn the line, I know, and I peek into the territory more often than I should, the flowers that grow and the mist and the sun that mixes in your soul, into a feeling that can break the chains, that can re-draw, yet I stay safe and keep a distance, I cross the line, just to announce my guilt and so that I can be thrown out and back to my shell, beyond the line, I sing my tune, a happy one at that, having lost what I failed to gain,

You have drawn the line, hope you can stay behind that too…

Next time

Will you sing the song that you have been wanting to sing to me , will you please, just for one time, tonight , and tomorrow who has seen,will you paint the picture that you have drawn with care, will you share with me please, will you write the poem next time you write , not to publish, nor for the readers, just for me, will you save a moment next time you go to sleep, the last one just for me,

Will you love, oh well, will you pretend you love me, next time you smile at me…

Far away

Far away where the sun rise, hopes spring forth, to die their end, and sink, along with the setting sun, far away a story is told, when the night is cold and sleep is difficult to come by, far away I sit and listen to you,

Far away, you spread warmth to the night,

And I slip by, in search of the night…