Who walks with you
This long, this far, in the cold and in the sun

The night when you fell down, no one pulled you up, you gave in to your baser self, the night when you bought a piece of smile without paying the right price, the night when you were alone, but you thought you had friends, when you had doubts, not knowing what lay ahead, and those days when you got buried in life and had no time but just for that moment, and those days you wished you had someone by your side, those moments you wanted to cry, but could not, those moments when you saw a smile bloom like a flower on a face, and you did cry, in your happiness and in your sorrow,

who do you think was there with you, keeping you going, heart still warm, hope still alive, darkness just a passing phase and a bright light all the while,

Talk to Him, my friend, greet Him tonight, for to Him you owe,
Who was always by your side…