We are connected, in a way…

Like this water is with the next, like the river with the cloud, the cloud with the sky, and the sky with the ocean,

Same way as my dreams are like a smoke, blown away by your thoughts, like the way I trespass into your thoughts, and then make you shudder to realize the transgressions and you shake it off like one should shake off one’s sin, and then in the deep of the night welcome those same thoughts as though those were your own, your very own,
Oh! how they are all connected you see,

The words we speak and those we avoid, in a conscious way, thinking we have lived the right way, have made the world to see us the way they should, we come back a full circle and repeat those omitted words anyway, a bit too late and a bit too few,

You are connected to me, my love, you just fail to see,
like today is connected to tomorrow, or the day before,
Like the spirit of the bird soaring high in the sky, moves me,
Like my tears are connected, to the dew drops you love to feel beneath your feet…