Come, please walk with me awhile as we talk about things
that should matter to us, for we disagree frequently,
don’t we, I know you care about certain things,
how you start your day, the peek at the morning sun,
soak in the warmth, the private time, and then a
dash into the world ready to take it head on, obligations,
and I have my own peculiarities, my likings, my needs
and my desires, don’t tell me we don’t have commonalities,
else why would I be talking to you, and you listening,
we do have a lot we share, words we read,
how we interpret those that we read, tunes that touch our soul,
and those that just brushes past us, and the time we spend,
the space we share, makes us a companion by all means,
yet we doubt, we argue and in the end we diverge, knowing
very well it won’t be for long, but all these to what end,
at times I wonder, what greater purpose does our lives serve,
and when I am at a loss to find an answer,
a fresh puff of air enwraps me, bringing in a sweet aroma
of the jasmine in bloom, words can not describe the feeling,
the sense of calm and joy, of being in unison with nature,
and my mind wanders again, I ask myself what greater purpose
does that jasmine serve, does our lives smell as good,
does it inspire as much…