A day goes by, there are hours in it,
and a lots and lots of moments within
that you can hardly count,
yes, that is the magnitude we are talking about,
do you realize how enormous it is, would you
be able to wait that long, in anticipation,
in trepidation, for what seems such a simple thing,
why does it have to be such, why is there
no urgency, no pangs to hear my voice,
why is there such a silence,
but please don’t answer me now, I know
you will find a reason, that will make
all my concerns seem so banal, please
don’t speak yet, let this silence
continue a little more, let it merge
with the sunset, let it hide
within the darkness of the night, I know
you will hold my hand then, words will be
difficult to come, don’t speak yet,
I will find the answer myself when
the words flow down from your eyes…