Yes, I broke my promise today,

I crushed a flower from the tree in my garden, I cracked open
the branch, I didn’t say hello to a child, Looked the other way
from the world and I forgot to smile;
You will be mad at me, that I know, but think about it this way please,
what choice did I have, If I didn’t do this, what would be the alternative,
and would you really like it to be so;
I would pick the best flower from my tree, smile at all the strangers
on the way, say some nice words to the kids, and then come to you
and present you with all the thoughts I have, and leave the flower for you;
And then, what would you do, I didn’t want to disturb the pattern
of your life that you got so comfortable with, the pattern that you think
keeps you happy and safe, so that’s why, you see,

I had to break my promise, to let you be…