I once had a vision of what is love, I keep visiting that vision
from time to time, just to make sure, to recalibrate my life
against what I once had learnt was right, but it seems reality
does not conform anymore, I drown in self-doubt, was I wrong then,
am I really right now;
Amidst all these, enter you, like a ray of light into a dark room,
through a small crack in the window, it does not help me see anything
inside the room, but sure shows me the possibilities outside, I become
restless, I want to touch you, feel you, join you, I fail,
not surprising at all, but why does it disturb me so, why
does it shatter my earlier vision of life, in which
I always thought love would come to illuminate my life and free me,
what has changed, don’t know, I just keep staring at that ray of light,
I don’t blame you…