You seem to have a mean side I have never seen before…

Knowing you is like peeling an onion, layers after layers, new
discoveries in each, tears, a small pause to wipe them off,
collect oneself and then proceed, more tears, new facets at each layer,
its a fantastic journey, you just never really reach the end;

Last night I came face to face with this side of you, this layer
you had kept hidden for so long, what did you think, I would run away,
why would I do that, is that the worst quality one can have,
I don’t think so, I will understand you have a reason, and
I will convince myslef that reason is not me, and move along
like I have done with the layers before;

Don’t get me wrong though, I really enjoy this journey I am in,
Like any other journeys, new sceneries revealed every time, new
experiences, learning, new way to look and finding a whole new you,
this has been rewarding, so don’t get fooled by my comparing this
with peeling an onion, I just wanted to accentuate the fact that
people have layers, so do you, in fact I actually do it with a smile;

At least that’s what people see, don’t ask why it was different last night,
for that was when I found the mean side in you…