I had a direct sight to that corner of the room,
where you were seated in a chair, in conversation
with your friends, a cup of tea in your hand;
I could not hear you speak, who knew what the topic was,
what did I care about the topic, I am sure
it must have been an important one, there
must have been great ideas, some in agreement
and some contradicting, but we were not here
this evening to solve what we talked about, that could
wait for another day, for another room;
rather I studied your face, which told me
all I needed to know about you, the color of your mind,
the temperature of your heart, the health of your soul,
about how you felt, how you reacted, what you revealed
and what you wanted to hide;
I got up from my seat, ready to leave, the timing seemed right,
I carried with me the book I would share with none, could feel
your eyes follow me to the door, I turned around and nodded good bye…