It has always vexed man through ages,
the same dilemma again and again,
that fear of inclusion, entrapment, finite, to be with or without,

It has bothered me too, I cannot deny…

To get in through the door or stay out,
I have stayed out so far, I would say I managed very well in that,
Not that much has been missed inside, i wouldn’t say much was missed outside either, just that thought keeps coming back at times, what if I was in?

Yes, many whom I know have got in, in front of my eyes, they have stayed back and never come out, have called me in, but then they were they and not me, they liked to coalesce, unite, be happy; I guess I had an yearning for the opposite, just could never fathom why?

Can you imagine, after all these years, after all the doors I managed not to knock, I ended up in front of one that would not open for me, I guess fate has it’s way of getting back, what you leave behind comes back to haunt you, I turned back and walked the way I came in,

I just wish I had stayed the course and not knocked this one time, this last time…