I have a tough time going to sleep, since sleep deprives me of you
Valuable hours lost where my life is not touched by you,
Yes, I do dream at times, but then, I tend to forget my dreams,
So, I try not to sleep till the time I can not any more,
And I have my ways to keep me awake, the regular ones, and the irregular ones,
but none leads me to you, just biding time, in anticipation and hope,
such is my life and my struggle

But last night, it was different,

under the clear sky,the shining stars and the lovely moon, sleep embraced me, like a lover’s embrace at the end of a long day, I gave in to that and held her back, held her tight, like this night could be the last, in our life,
I gained her trust, I understood the enigma, the mysticism that accompanies her,

Indeed, last night was different, last night I found my love…