Meandering path through tall dark trees,
we had found our path
hidden from the world, known to us
we always came here to find each other

and so did I today, all alone
waited long, to hear the footsteps approaching, no one came today,
the crackling of the leaves composed a sad song

on way back grazed past the bushes and branches, those same ones that had lept with joy before,
when we had walked that path before to keep them conpany,
gloom had descended on the forest today

i whistled a familiar tune, the one of hope and joy, the one i had done so many times before when with her,
far away in a home, evening lamps lit up, she was setting up the table for dinner, a smile crept into her face,
were she able to hear the tune from the forest she did not visit today?

do i have to wait another day?