She had held a few hands, some she pushed away
It was bright and warm, the sun was gay
None of those memories swam by to cloud the sky today

However tonight would be diferrent

She went through life just like any other day,
through the flowers and the bushes, with the thorns
Some hurt, some smiled and some just didn’t matter to her

She was now ready for another day

The night was cold, and the heart was warm
the last few movemements of the day, before the quiet settles in
and one is ready to be with oneself

She smiled, the smile that lasts longer than it should, without one even knowing

The last thought of the day, she could not wave past it
she felt the arms around her, asking her to stay,
the same hands she kissed like it was a suitor who came to pray

We knew tonight would be different, didn’t we say?