Creator and Creation is bound in many intriguing ways,
So God, one day, wanted to satisfy his curiosity, to know more about the nature of what he has created

God wanted to know how strong was his creation, what makes them fearful,
what is it that it dreads the most?

He wanted to start with the five basic units
And asked Heart first
“Not Love”
Then the Eyes
“Not her questioning look”
Then the ears
“Not that silent moment,when a lot has been said and heard”
And the nose
“Not that smell that fills the day when lonely”
Finally the skin
“Not that longing, not that touch”

God was happy, His creation was such; perfect for this earth,
to build a legacy of perfection and strength

He decided to finally ask his complete creation, the Man
And asked, what is it that you dread the most?
“Only Love, and all that is made out of Love”